Seven Days of Christmas

Sevenly is currently running their 7 days of Christmas promotion where they are featuring some of their most popular campaigns. There is one campaign a day and it features double, or even tripled donations! I’m keeping my eyes peeled and hoping to make a purchase this week. Great idea to do some good.

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Freedom Culture

I found another website for a graphic design t-shirt company that gives profits to human trafficking efforts. It’s called Freedom Culture. Check it out.

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How to write a creative brief

This was shared in class. I didn’t want to forget the website, so I figured posting the link to my blog would be helpful and easy to access.

What are the 10 most important things to include in a creative brief?

Find out here.

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I found this blog-ish website somewhere. Pinterest perhaps? Anywho, it’s got some really random design inspiration. I like it.

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I was introduced to CX.CITY a while ago when my friend showed me their free screen print textures from their blog. Not only are they helpful, they have great designs. See for yourself.


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I was looking for more t-shirt design inspiration (you can never have enough inspiration) and I found this website: Mintees. It’s basically a place where designers can share their t-shirt designs and get advice. Cool.

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The archives of Sevenly.

I was going through past charities and designs that Sevenly has had and these are some of my favorites:

It’s really cool and encouraging to see that they have been increasing in money raised per week as time has progressed. It’s probably just because the word has spread more, but I believe that it also has something to do with the improvement of their designs.

The most money they ever raised for a charity was $204,377 for Autism Speaks. (If I do remember correctly, they doubled donations to $14 for that week. I’m still surprised that it was a lot more than what was raised for To Write Love on Her Arms. I’m surprised because they have a lot larger following which would probably generate interest.)

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My Reeve Union Board advisor introduced me to Sevenly and I told her about my project and she proceeded to give me another charity-focused company to check out. It’s called Roozt. Basically it’s a place where you can buy any item you would need and support a charity through your purchase. You can even look for products by the country they support! I was pretty excited about it, and you should be too. Check it out!

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Upon further investigation, I learned that the A21 Campaign is running two campaigns (so many campaigns): Because and Key2Free. Check out their merchandise here:



I’ll definitely take this into account for my project. Here’s the link to the store if you’re interested.

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Unlock freedom


Today I’m officially starting my self-defined project on the A21 Campaign & Sevenly. I did some sketches and decided to look at A21’s online store and found this shirt. I seriously was thinking about doing this and I’m kind of surprised that they already had a shirt design like what I was thinking of. I guess that’s a good thing? We’re on the same page I guess.

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