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I found this blog-ish website somewhere. Pinterest perhaps? Anywho, it’s got some really random design inspiration. I like it. 


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I was introduced to CX.CITY a while ago when my friend showed me their free screen print textures from their blog. Not only are they helpful, they have great designs. See for yourself.


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I was looking for more t-shirt design inspiration (you can never have enough inspiration) and I found this website: Mintees. It’s basically a place where designers can share their t-shirt designs and get advice. Cool.

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The archives of Sevenly.

I was going through past charities and designs that Sevenly has had and these are some of my favorites:

It’s really cool and encouraging to see that they have been increasing in money raised per week as time has progressed. It’s probably just because the word has spread more, but I believe that it also has something to do with the improvement of their designs.

The most money they ever raised for a charity was $204,377 for Autism Speaks. (If I do remember correctly, they doubled donations to $14 for that week. I’m still surprised that it was a lot more than what was raised for To Write Love on Her Arms. I’m surprised because they have a lot larger following which would probably generate interest.)

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Unlock freedom


Today I’m officially starting my self-defined project on the A21 Campaign & Sevenly. I did some sketches and decided to look at A21’s online store and found this shirt. I seriously was thinking about doing this and I’m kind of surprised that they already had a shirt design like what I was thinking of. I guess that’s a good thing? We’re on the same page I guess.

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The Caped Crusader

I was doing some research on Chip Kidd and discovering how much he is influenced by his love for comics. It’s pretty sweet. Check out some comic strips of his favorite superhero. I might just have to use this for some inspiration for my project.


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Set the Captives Free



I found this shirt created for Human Trafficking awareness. I obviously won’t copy it, but a good idea nonetheless.

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Home is where your heart is.

I found this German clothing company and really enjoy their site and designs. However, it very much reminds me of To Write Love on Her Arms, because the same typeface is used in their logos. And they both have the same vibe. (Their designs also remind me of Glamour Kills.)


I wonder what their story is because I can’t read German (or speak it for that matter).

Home Is Where Your Heart Is.

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Daily Color Inspiration

I was looking for some different color combinations for the Career Fair on the Fox logo. Found this blog. Pretty sweet.

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OK, this is cool.

But is it worth $200?


Apparently. It’s sold out.


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