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For our footPRINT Wisconsin project, I think a lot of us are thinking about maps. I’m most likely doing a poster on Sheboygan and thought I’d look up our location. It’s interesting to see the bird’s eye view of where I’m located. Makes me feel small.

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United States of Design

United States of Design

I found this very cool US “map” in a back corner of Hobby Lobby. There are so many great things there, but this was an unexpected surprise!

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Glamour Kills

One of my favorite clothing companies released their new line, “Join or Die” last week. I love Glamour Kills because it’s got great designs that are bright and colorful. The founder had a dream to bring happy things into the music world that is typically dark and depressing.

Enjoy: Glamour Kills

Glamour Kills

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Hello, Somebody.

Hello somebody watch

Hello somebody logo

In response to my last post, I would like to introduce you to a company that is all about people. Hungry people to be precise.

Hello Somebody is an organization that I was introduced to last summer at Lifest. The lead singer of the band The Wedding threw a shout out about the watch he was wearing and how purchasing one would feed 125 people. I was definitely interested.

I stopped by the table after the show to check out what it was all about. The watches were $20 and all profits go to provide meals to hungry people. You could even mix and match colors!

The next day, I bought the watch that you can see above and I’ve received so many compliments about it. Whenever people notice, I always let them know that not only does it look good, it actually helps people too! So creative and simple.

The goal of Hello Somebody is to feed 1 million people. And I think they are well on their way to doing it. With support of musicians and their own customers, the word is going to spread and soon everyone will be wearing these watches. They also have wonderfully designed apparel, complete with a “This Shirt Fed 100 People” on the back.

Please check out their website and tell your friends! They’re even expanding the company to put kids in school! The watches are a little more expensive and feed less people online; it probably costs less to sell them in person, how I bought mine.

Regardless, check out this amazing company with a heart for people.

Hello Somebody Website.

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This day is about LOVE, not materialism! And if it truly was just about love, there would be a lot more serving on this day.

Gifts aren’t wrong, but the truth is that there’s many people in this world that are dying and you can help them! If everyone didn’t buy chocolate for this one day, we could save an entire country from poverty. $700 MILLION spent on chocolate on this day! Crazy!

Think about what we could do with that money..

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Following Photographers, Twitter Style

I like finding photographers that inspire me. If I find one I like, I usual like their page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. If you like one photographer, it directs you to even more photographers. It’s pretty cool how social media is useful for everything!

One photographer I’m following is Ken Kaminesky. It’s not that his photography is necessarily my style, it’s that I really enjoy his tweets about other photographers doing cool stuff out there. He also goes beyond the photography world and shares about other art and social media related things. Check out his photography as well. He’s a travel and lifestyle photographer. His photos are very intense, he most likely uses HDR and other editing techniques. Check out his blog as well.

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Flickr, Facebook & Family Force 5


So one of my favorite bands is Family Force 5. I saw them for the first time last year and I’ve seen them two more times in the month of November. At these last two shows, I had the opportunity to get a photo pass (connections pay off). One of my favorite things to do is take photos at concerts and since it was one of my favorite bands, I was thrilled. I always take a while going through my photos, picking favorites, and editing them. By the time I got them up on Flickr, was the end of December, but shortly after that I got a notification on Facebook from my friend that commented on a photo “Michelle Arenz”. I was so confused when I looked to see that he posted that on one of my photos, but then I noticed that hundreds of people liked the photo and were commenting on it. Long story short, Family Force 5 used my photo as their Facebook / Twitter profile pictures. I was so surprised and honored, although they didn’t ask for permission.. Oh well. They gave me credit and linked to my Flickr page that gained in popularity very quickly. Since then, they have used two more of my photos. I guess they like my work almost as much as I like theirs!

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Guerilla Marketing

I’m the Concerts Chair for Reeve Union Board at UW Oshkosh and currently we’re working on coming up with some sweet promotional/ marketing ideas for our upcoming event, Wisco! The Music Festival. This is the first time we’re ever doing this event and I’m definitely excited! The event will be March 9 at Titan Nights featuring the best bands of Wisconsin!


We’re hoping for a huge attendance, so to make that happen, we need some great promo! I don’t think any of these ideas would work, but the creativity I found on this website was inspiring!

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Paper Typography

I was looking for inspiration on and stumbled upon this amazing paper typography. I really enjoy Behance, it’s a great resource for those creative field. Not only does it give artists a platform to display their work, but they also share job postings. And it’s free! I made a portfolio for myself if you would like to see: Click here!

View the project by clicking the photo above 🙂

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Helpful Design Tricks

I love discovering new ways to make my designs new and creative. When I’m looking how to do something, I check out Vectips! They have great tutorials on all things Illustrator.

They also offer some inspiration. Check out “mondo: monsters inc.” by Tom Whalen.

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