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I found this blog-ish website somewhere. Pinterest perhaps? Anywho, it’s got some really random design inspiration. I like it. 


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I was looking for more t-shirt design inspiration (you can never have enough inspiration) and I found this website: Mintees. It’s basically a place where designers can share their t-shirt designs and get advice. Cool.

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I found Ugmonk a while ago through an online advertisement and loved everything about it, but then I forgot what it was called. I have finally been reunited with their website and would like to introduce them to you. Meet Ugmonk.

Come on. How could you not want a giant ampersand tee? AND I just read the story (you should too) they even give to charity. Too good.

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Check Tees Out


In search of more designs, I found Check Tees Out. More inspiration.

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Today we watched Helvetica in class and I happened to be wearing a t-shirt with Helvetica printed on it. Oh the irony. The film has probably changed my life forever. Now I’ll be aware of Helvetica following me every where.

And for further enjoyment, here’s some of Glamour Kills past type t-shirts that make me smile.

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For all my font snobs out there


I found this on Pinterest. (Seriously, how did I find inspiration without it?!) All the typefaces are awesome and there’s even more inspiration and fun on this blog right here: thehandmadehome.net. Good stuff, check it out friends!

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Paper Typography

I was looking for inspiration on Behance.net and stumbled upon this amazing paper typography. I really enjoy Behance, it’s a great resource for those creative field. Not only does it give artists a platform to display their work, but they also share job postings. And it’s free! I made a portfolio for myself if you would like to see: Click here!

View the project by clicking the photo above 🙂

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