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The archives of Sevenly.

I was going through past charities and designs that Sevenly has had and these are some of my favorites:

It’s really cool and encouraging to see that they have been increasing in money raised per week as time has progressed. It’s probably just because the word has spread more, but I believe that it also has something to do with the improvement of their designs.

The most money they ever raised for a charity was $204,377 for Autism Speaks. (If I do remember correctly, they doubled donations to $14 for that week. I’m still surprised that it was a lot more than what was raised for To Write Love on Her Arms. I’m surprised because they have a lot larger following which would probably generate interest.)

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My Reeve Union Board advisor introduced me to Sevenly and I told her about my project and she proceeded to give me another charity-focused company to check out. It’s called Roozt. Basically it’s a place where you can buy any item you would need and support a charity through your purchase. You can even look for products by the country they support! I was pretty excited about it, and you should be too. Check it out!

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Sevenly is SO cool. Please check out their website.

Quick summary: Sevenly features a different nonprofit organization every week. For every purchase, they donate $7 to said charity.

This week they’ve doubled their donations so now $14 of your money goes to Mercy Ministries: Mercy Ministries exists to serve young women who struggle with life-controlling issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, and depression.

Super cool. And if you want to submit designs for Sevenly, you just fill out an online application. Pretty sweet. I’m thinking about doing this, or something like it for my self-defined project.

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Just two kids stupid and fearless

In honor of All Time Low coming to UW Oshkosh this Thursday, I thought I would post some of their new tshirt designs.

I enjoy the new vibe..

Image Image

as compared to the older stuff..

Image Image

Not that I don’t like the old designs (I happen to have the yellow shirt on the right), but their new shirts show that they’ve matured. They’re not 16 years old anymore.

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Glamour Kills

One of my favorite clothing companies released their new line, “Join or Die” last week. I love Glamour Kills because it’s got great designs that are bright and colorful. The founder had a dream to bring happy things into the music world that is typically dark and depressing.

Enjoy: Glamour Kills

Glamour Kills

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Hello, Somebody.

Hello somebody watch

Hello somebody logo

In response to my last post, I would like to introduce you to a company that is all about people. Hungry people to be precise.

Hello Somebody is an organization that I was introduced to last summer at Lifest. The lead singer of the band The Wedding threw a shout out about the watch he was wearing and how purchasing one would feed 125 people. I was definitely interested.

I stopped by the table after the show to check out what it was all about. The watches were $20 and all profits go to provide meals to hungry people. You could even mix and match colors!

The next day, I bought the watch that you can see above and I’ve received so many compliments about it. Whenever people notice, I always let them know that not only does it look good, it actually helps people too! So creative and simple.

The goal of Hello Somebody is to feed 1 million people. And I think they are well on their way to doing it. With support of musicians and their own customers, the word is going to spread and soon everyone will be wearing these watches. They also have wonderfully designed apparel, complete with a “This Shirt Fed 100 People” on the back.

Please check out their website and tell your friends! They’re even expanding the company to put kids in school! The watches are a little more expensive and feed less people online; it probably costs less to sell them in person, how I bought mine.

Regardless, check out this amazing company with a heart for people.

Hello Somebody Website.

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