Good is dead.

I really enjoyed researching Chip Kidd. He’s a cool cat with a cool blog. Check out Good is Dead.


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The Caped Crusader

I was doing some research on Chip Kidd and discovering how much he is influenced by his love for comics. It’s pretty sweet. Check out some comic strips of his favorite superhero. I might just have to use this for some inspiration for my project.


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Set the Captives Free



I found this shirt created for Human Trafficking awareness. I obviously won’t copy it, but a good idea nonetheless.

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Home is where your heart is.

I found this German clothing company and really enjoy their site and designs. However, it very much reminds me of To Write Love on Her Arms, because the same typeface is used in their logos. And they both have the same vibe. (Their designs also remind me of Glamour Kills.)


I wonder what their story is because I can’t read German (or speak it for that matter).

Home Is Where Your Heart Is.

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I found Ugmonk a while ago through an online advertisement and loved everything about it, but then I forgot what it was called. I have finally been reunited with their website and would like to introduce them to you. Meet Ugmonk.

Come on. How could you not want a giant ampersand tee? AND I just read the story (you should too) they even give to charity. Too good.

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Back in the day, my Reeve Union Board advisor advised me to check out Sprinkles Cupcakes because she thought I would enjoy their designs and branding. I did and still do. I decided to revisit them for a little inspiration. Everything is so clean and thoughtful. I love the colored dots that they use to label the cupcakes. Genius. Check out their website.

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Chip Kidd

I started doing some research on Chip Kidd today. Here’s some of my favorite book covers he has done:

Image Image
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Daily Color Inspiration

I was looking for some different color combinations for the Career Fair on the Fox logo. Found this blog. Pretty sweet.

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OK, this is cool.

But is it worth $200?


Apparently. It’s sold out.

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Check Tees Out


In search of more designs, I found Check Tees Out. More inspiration.

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