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Freedom Culture

I found another website for a graphic design t-shirt company that gives profits to human trafficking efforts. It’s called Freedom Culture. Check it out.

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How to write a creative brief

This was shared in class. I didn’t want to forget the website, so I figured posting the link to my blog would be helpful and easy to access.

What are the 10 most important things to include in a creative brief?

Find out here.

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I was looking for more t-shirt design inspiration (you can never have enough inspiration) and I found this website: Mintees. It’s basically a place where designers can share their t-shirt designs and get advice. Cool.

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Set the Captives Free



I found this shirt created for Human Trafficking awareness. I obviously won’t copy it, but a good idea nonetheless.

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Home is where your heart is.

I found this German clothing company and really enjoy their site and designs. However, it very much reminds me of To Write Love on Her Arms, because the same typeface is used in their logos. And they both have the same vibe. (Their designs also remind me of Glamour Kills.)


I wonder what their story is because I can’t read German (or speak it for that matter).

Home Is Where Your Heart Is.

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Back in the day, my Reeve Union Board advisor advised me to check out Sprinkles Cupcakes because she thought I would enjoy their designs and branding. I did and still do. I decided to revisit them for a little inspiration. Everything is so clean and thoughtful. I love the colored dots that they use to label the cupcakes. Genius. Check out their website.

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OK, this is cool.

But is it worth $200?


Apparently. It’s sold out.


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Check Tees Out


In search of more designs, I found Check Tees Out. More inspiration.

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Orbit Spotlight


Orbit gum has been doing a Spotlight series on different graphic designers for a little while now. It’s cool that companies are opening design work to their customers. This would be a fun idea for a self-defined project as well.

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Cutting a rug

I was thinking about how to portray information on my map and I thought that this was an interesting way to do so. I think if I did it this way, it may be too much and get a little busy, but I might use it for some inspiration. We’ll see what comes out of it.

Rick Perception carpet for InfoArcadia found in Mapping, An illustrated guide to graphic navigational systems.

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