Flickr, Facebook & Family Force 5


So one of my favorite bands is Family Force 5. I saw them for the first time last year and I’ve seen them two more times in the month of November. At these last two shows, I had the opportunity to get a photo pass (connections pay off). One of my favorite things to do is take photos at concerts and since it was one of my favorite bands, I was thrilled. I always take a while going through my photos, picking favorites, and editing them. By the time I got them up on Flickr, was the end of December, but shortly after that I got a notification on Facebook from my friend that commented on a photo “Michelle Arenz”. I was so confused when I looked to see that he posted that on one of my photos, but then I noticed that hundreds of people liked the photo and were commenting on it. Long story short, Family Force 5 used my photo as their Facebook / Twitter profile pictures. I was so surprised and honored, although they didn’t ask for permission.. Oh well. They gave me credit and linked to my Flickr page that gained in popularity very quickly. Since then, they have used two more of my photos. I guess they like my work almost as much as I like theirs!

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